On our way to reaching the goal of zero waste to landfill and 100% diversion, we provide comprehensive solutions in the following materials as part of our expertise in waste management and recycling:


Since paper trash makes up about a third of municipal solid waste, paper recycling can directly affect the time it takes for landfills to reach their capacity. Vital Waste focuses on all paper types including office waste.


Getting cardboard material out of the waste stream is important, since a huge percentage of whatever is shipped, is wrapped in some kind of cardboard. Recycling cardboard saves energy, natural resources and landfill space. Vital Waste provides comprehensive recovery methodology for cardboard in most industries.

Plastic - PET

The best recovery route for most plastic items at the ‘end-of-life’ is to be recycled, preferably back into a product that can be recycled many times. Vital waste manages the recovery, transportation right up to the recycling of many PET-based products.

Find out how much your business can save on waste and recycling.

All you need to do is just register your organization or housing society with us. Then, a date is scheduled at your convenience wherein, the collection of waste paper, cardboard and Plastic is done within your premises.